03 June 2021

Home conferencing


Author: Michelle Guss, Director of Residential Business Development, Crestron


Let’s start with the question, “Why add a home conferencing solution?”
In my role as Director of Residential Business Development, I stay close to the design build community and hear what their clients are asking for in new and remodeled homes. They’re now designing homes with home conferencing solutions in mind. Joel Sanders, founder and principal of Joel Sanders Architecture, shared in a recent article:
“In regard to the home office, over the past decade digital technology has already transformed homes into live/workspaces where, over the course of a day, people assume a variety of personal and professional roles. The pandemic now requires almost all of us to work from home, putting pressure on all of us to retrofit our homes with technology.”

Balance and simplicity, therefore, are key to providing your clients with the best possible home conferencing experience. There are three primary solutions you can offer: 1) On the desktop 2) At the TV 3) Wherever they use Zoom™ conferencing. Not only can these solutions be used in both new construction and retrofit projects, but they’re also a great upgrade for your existing clients. Let us dive into each of these and learn how you can exceed clients’ expectations.

1 – On the desktop
Any home office can be transformed into a collaboration space by using one of our all-in-one meeting solutions. The Crestron Mercury® X tabletop conferencing system allows your client to connect with any personal device and natively run Microsoft Teams®, Zoom Rooms™, Skype®software and more. This all-in-one professional conferencing solution sits on your client’s desk and provides these powerful features:
– Four microphone array, speaker, touch screen, wireless hub, USB, HDMI®, and Bluetooth® connectivity
– Wired and wireless display extension to the TV
– Universal web conferencing
– Works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, Slack®, Google Meet™, or whatever is running on the laptop or mobile device
– Intelligent auto-framing camera
In addition, Crestron Mercury X can provide amazing audio and video quality in the home office without using a laptop. This leads us to our newest desktop home conferencing solution: the UC-MM30-R. This small footprint, low profile 7-inch Crestron Home™ Desktop Touch Screen also delivers built-in professional audio conferencing.

2 – At the TV
Exceed your clients’ expectations and turn any TV into a classroom, conference room, or chat room. Our AirMedia® wireless presentation system fits discreetly behind the TV, connects with any device, and supports Microsoft® Windows®, Android™, Mac®, and iOS® operating systems. Another great option at the TV is a sleek and stylish smart soundbar comprising a high‑performance conferencing speakerphone and camera in one stunning front‑of‑room device. Our Smart Soundbar installs neatly at the TV and provides amazing audio and video quality on any TV in the home, rather than relying on the display, camera, microphone, and speaker on personal devices.

3 – Wherever they use Zoom conferencing
The Crestron HomeTime™ video conferencing system is, quite simply, the most natural, easy, and enjoyable Zoom conferencing experience for the home. Crestron HomeTime not only seamlessly connects to Zoom calls, but your clients can even use the same TSR-310 handheld touch screen remote they use to control lights, shades, and thermostats to conveniently control their Zoom meetings. Instead of having the entire family huddled around a single laptop, everyone can sit comfortably on the sofa in front of a large-screen TV and all be seen. With the professional camera, microphone, and speakers, it’s just like being there. This can help your customers feel more connected in a more natural setting.


Source: https://www.crestron.com/News/Blog/February-2021/Home-Conferencing-How-to-Exceed-Client-Expectatio

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