11 May 2022



With the current 1.2.1795 update, the Smart Visu Server (JUNG) gets new features and three additional themes. With these new versions of the user interface, users have more choice – matching to the respective interior.

For displaying on smartphones, tablets or touch displays, the server has three new designs for the user interface for SV Home (themes), a 1-bit status indicator with text instead of an icon and an improved display in the navigation area.


Midnight blue
Midnight blue is impressive with cool colours in combination with yellow signal colours. The new design resembles a clear, starry sky and is suitable for rooms where the visualisation is intended to have an inconspicuously elegant effect.
This theme is striking with a more eye-catching design. Purple tones dominate the playful theme. Its strong contrasts direct the attention to the active elements of SV Home. Areas where this might be used include flamboyant rooms where the visualisation can be a real eye-catcher.
The new theme Nature is an even stronger statement: this interface stands for harmony and relaxation. The intentionally understated design fits ideally into a room ambience with soft colours.


Alongside the new interface, the update offers two new possibilities for displaying the menu and status indication.
With the new 1-bit status indicator, an individual text instead of the icon can be specified. With this, it is possible, for example, to display an icon or to show the status with “off” and “on”.
Users can now adapt the menu in a similarly flexible way: either they use the familiar labelling of all areas underneath the icons, or they only display the currently selected area in the respective room view.

Simply change the setting
All the new interfaces can be easily adapted directly via the settings and in addition to the ones previously in the Smart Visu Server. The app on a smartphone, tablet or touch display automatically applies the theme set in each case.
As soon as a new version is available, the update is available in the SV Control area. All patches for the Smart Visu Server can be found in the “Change Log” document. This is also available for download as a PDF file: https://www.jung.de/application/filebrowser/assets/media/svs-ft/JUNG_SVS-Changelog.pdf


Note: After the software update, we recommend that you delete the browser cache for all client devices (Smart Control, smartphone, etc.).


Original information from website of manufacturer – JUNG. To see additional information about Server follow the link:

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