Office Avito 2nd floor

Lighting design project of Avito office (2nd floor) with an individual lighting control system


Project details

Avito is the leading online classified ads service in Russia. The office of the company is in the business center "White Gardens" on Lesnaya street and occupies several floors. This workspace was developed jointly by the customer and the OFICEPROJECT architectural bureau, is located on the 2nd floor of the business center.
Design is based on the idea of dividing the office space into flexible command modules that can be infinitely expanded or "collapsed" depending on the current team tasks. The architects decided to form a completely different visual appearance and a new story in this space, but with the same functionality as on another floor. The main Avito principle is Agile, which means that the office should be convenient for the work of small project teams and at the same time there should be an opportunity for privacy and concentration, and there was the need to quickly increase the size of the command compartment. The space is designed to be multifunctional and easily transformable. Also, the architects have provided spacious areas for large meetings, when individual teams are combined into "units".

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Lighting and control system
Since an office is a flexible workspace, the main task in developing a lighting system was to create a lighting solution that would allow you to adapt quickly to changing tasks, whether it’s teamwork, individual work or activities in an open space or in rooms.
One of the most important things for comfortable work is mitigation of contrasts and ensuring of uniform horizontal illumination. Therefore, lighting system in the office space was designed considering horizontal and vertical illumination balance and meet the required standards for performing functional tasks. Uniform and balanced lighting conditions in office (behind partitions), are achieved with the help of luminaires with direct and indirect light. The reflected light fills the interior volume, allowing you to achieve the required level of cylindrical illumination.
There are track systems with floodlights optics and special filters in the common areas and corridors. They are soft lens, which effectively diffuse light and create a feeling of "soft" light. To provide the most comfortable lighting environment, as well as to reduce visual contrast, there are dimmers there. This technological feature makes it easy and simple to control the light intensity, creating the necessary light conditions.
Providing visual comfort for employees is important for the productive work of employees. Luminaires with direct and indirect light help to solve this problem. Lighting devices of this type are in cabinet areas. They provide the required level of illumination, as well as reduce the direct brightness of the devices.

Human centric lighting
The office space combines different functional areas where the lighting conditions are excellent. Therefore, for workplaces where attention is required, were used light with a color temperature of 4000K. Areas of the central core - resting places, kitchens, meeting rooms - are illuminated with a warmer light, 3000K. This color temperature level helps to create a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for socializing, as well as the opportunity to switch to rest and relaxation.
There is a dynamic environment created with the help of artificial lighting in the interior. Changing light conditions have a positive effect on the mood and inner resources of a person. The change in the intensity and color of light occurs constantly in the natural environment. Therefore, a person feels better in an interior where light scenes and dynamics are presented. In some confined spaces of meeting rooms, light conditions have been created with just one luminaire. Thanks to modern high-tech solutions, the lighting fixture provides several lighting effects at once - general lighting, wall fillings, as well as light accents on the table.

Lighting control system
The customer has formed a non-standard request for a lighting control system in the office. Developed lighting control system made it possible for openspac employees to manage any luminaire in this area using their mobile gadgets, laptops, and desktops. Thanks to this functional and flexible solution, there are not many switches on the openspace walls, as is traditionally organized in offices. With a single switch, the on and off function is realized in offices and in the general workspace. All other adjustments are made by any employee independently.
The developed lighting control system allows the user individually to adjust the comfortable lighting environment, as well as to adapt the space depending on the situation.
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