We receive orders from architects, development and building companies and provide complex tasks solutions for lighting and automation of public and private spaces. Throughout the project, we carry out the functions of a technical customer and management company. Clear processes and strict quality standards make us a reliable partner in working on projects of any scale
Lighting Concept Creation
We offer harmonious solutions, considering the architecture of the space, technical characteristics and customer`s wishes.
Project Documentation Development
We develop lighting and automation systems including lighting design, electrotechnical parts and equipment specification.
Lighting Equipment Delivery
We deliver our equipment in shortest time thanks to elaborated logistics and partnership with the leading manufacturers.
Supervising Installation, Installation
We perform and control the installation of the equipment to get the result that complies with the project design to the maximum.
We develop and produce special lighting devices and constructions for architectural and interior lighting.
We carry out the functions of the technical customer and the management company.