We receive orders from clients, architects and construction companies, and provide with complex solutions of lighting and automation for public and private spaces.
Clear processes and strict quality standards make us a reliable partner for projects of any scale
Concept Creation
We create a harmonious and functional solution that considers architectural features, technical tasks and the wishes of the customer.
Project Documentation
We design lighting, multimedia and automation systems and complexes of low-current systems in accordance with Russian standards, using world experience
Equipment Delivery
We deliver equipment on time due to well-thought-out logistics and partnership with leading manufacturers.
Supervision Installation
Experienced project managers and engineers supervise all stages of installation. Our goal is to provide quality results.
We design and manufacture special lighting devices, lighting and automation cabinets, structures for architectural and interior lighting.
Systems programming
Automation systems and user interfaces programming.
Professional accompaniment, support and service.
We carry out the functions of a technical customer.