Flat on Plyushchikha

Lighting project with control system for the apartment in residential complex Life on Plyushchikha near the Kremlin


Project details

Residential complex "Life on Plyushchikha" is an elite residential complex in Khamovniki district. This is the first residential building in Russia who received a gold certificate from the LEED international environmental assessment system. The building is equipped with energy-efficient lighting and automatic heat regulation, as well as fine filtration systems for water and air, thanks to which residents receive spring water from the tap and breathe fresh air, free from dust and allergens. Another important element of the eco-project is the presence of a large green courtyard with fountains.
The neoclassical building with decor, white columns and balconies is located two kilometers from the Kremlin and reminds of the rich city estates, in which life proceeded in a measured and aristocratic manner.

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Lighting and control system
The project of an apartment for a young family with an area of 165 m2 in this residential complex was developed by the architectural studio ub.design. The design solution immediately recognizes the proprietary approach to design, organization of space and delicate taste. The resulting interior of the apartment clearly demonstrates the peculiarities of the ub.design style, which is distinguished by simple forms, natural materials, the use of glass in surfaces and objects, the choice in favor of calm colors, as well as an ergonomic layout.

The architects paid special attention to lighting. The laconic interior design is complemented by modern decorative luminaries with minimalistic shapes. Functional lighting in each zone of the apartment is realized with the help of technical lighting fixtures, which are almost invisible on the ceiling surface. They provide the required level of illumination in the room. Decorative lighting also acts as functional lighting, for example, in home office. The LED line located at the bottom of the pendant luminary above the table provides functional light on the work surface. The LEDs at the top of the device illuminate the transparent polycarbonate embossed plane, gently scattering light in the space around it, helping to avoid illumination contrasts.

The built-in track system has become a convenient and flexible solution, which maintains the dynamics and rigor of lines in the design. Wide-angle, warm-white track projectors can be easily directed to desired areas, creating a comfortable environment for occupants.
The interior clearly shows lines that build the interior and create a sense of dynamics. Architects visually soften them with textiles and natural materials in decoration. Luminaries and light lines echo the design solution, creating the desired image not only in the dark, but also during the day.
The eco-theme of the project was also emphasized with the help of original pendant luminaries, which not only provide pleasant and soft light, but also serve as planters for plants.

All technical light in the apartment, from spotlights to LED strips, is controlled by the DALI system. Lighting control is realized with the help of button dimmers, which also can control lighting equipment with tunable white technology. Decorative luminaries can be dimmed too. Some have a sensor dimming function. There is a functionality of creating different light scenarios in the interior, which can be changed depending on the lighting conditions, tasks, and situations. The control system makes the living space flexible and as comfortable as possible.
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