Airport. Novy Urengoy

Lighting design project for the business hall NORTHERN LIGHTS of the airport in Novy Urengoy


Project details

The superior comfort lounge of the new terminal of Novy Urengoy airport, designed by VOX Architects studio, helps passengers soak up the atmosphere of a unique natural phenomenon — Aurora Borealis(Northen Lights), that can now be observed not only in the night sky, but also inside the airport.
Despite the fact that business lounge is on the first floor in the departure area, this space has no windows to observe a panoramic view of the flight strip. Architects team reinterpreted this significant feature and, with the help of an airy architectural volume, turned the dense darkness into the mystery of the polar night with shimmering “Northern Lights".

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The architectural installation is not merely a decoration, it also zones the space, organizing passenger flows in it and creating private zones for comfortable waiting for boarding. It is an elaborate ergonomic and artistic planning solution.

"Nothern Lights" consists of ribbon-like canvases made of aluminum chains fixed under a seven-meter ceiling. They encircle a massive column in the center of the hall, its cross-rod structure is a part of the complex ceiling structure of the airport. The lighting is designed to hide the bulky structure and the space under the ceiling in shade, while the functional areas are, on the contrary, highlighted and accentuated with the radiance of the falling metal curtains.

At the entrance to the lounge, there is a reception desk. The bar and cafe are highlighted with hanging lamps tilted to create a certain rhythm: here one can sit in the open or hide away in a niche nearby, designed in warm sunny colors and highlighted with light lines.

The cafe and bar are separated with transparent curtain of aluminum chains from the island with a counter around the column. Passengers can sit on a bar stool, charge a phone or tablet. For those who feel more comfortable waiting for boarding at tables, there are cozy armchairs and sofa-alcoves made of noise-absorbing material with sockets and chargers for gadgets. Floor lamps contribute to the atmosphere of coziness with their user-adjustable reflected light system. The airy metal curtains not only separate the zones visually, but also acoustically, muting noises.

The underlying idea of all the interiors created by VOX Architects is a visual image characteristic of a particular project. It can be based on the architectural, geographical or historical context.

Thus, the aurora borealis, which can be observed in the permafrost regions, is a key visual solution for the airport business lounge project in Novy Urengoy. The architects were inspired by the fascinating optical natural phenomenon — luminescence in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which occurs when magnetic fields interact with high-speed charged particles of the plasma layer of the Sun, the "solar wind".

The cascading architectural volume of aluminum chains brings associations with ribbons of light in the night sky, pulsating in sync with the lines of force of the Earth's magnetic field. The threads of the metal canvases are colored to create the effect of radiance and shimmering, characteristic of the local northern lights. It is enhanced with linear light tubes, creating the necessary rhythmic pattern.

The polar night ambience is achieved with the dark walls lined with stemalite: tempered glass panels visually expand the confined space, adding depth and mystery. Spot ceiling lights make the image of a starry night sky complete, while the warmer shades of the built-in contour lights remind of the Sun origins of Aurora borealis.

Grand Prix Best Office Awards 2023
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