16 November 2022



The concept of a multifunctional complex was developed at the beginning of the last century with the active participation of the Bauhaus school. The idea was realized in France in Marseille in 1952, and the author of this innovative project was Le Corbusier.
Multifunctional complexes have become active centers of attraction in the modern city. Multifunctional complexes combine various functional processes that correspond to the needs of residents in the urban environment and the current context.
While creating public centers, developers strive to make them more attractive for both visitors and tenants. The many functions that the facility performs are directly related to the efficient use of space and increasing profits. Investments made in technological solutions at start, contribute to the additional profit during the operation of the building.



1. Creation of a comfortable and safe environment
The initial task in any public space is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for people. The ratio of contrasts and brightness, minimization of glare and reflections, compliance with norms and necessary levels of illumination help to achieve visual comfort. A well-lit space provides conditions for free movement, helps to easily navigate, and avoid situations associated with possible harm or danger to human health.

2. Increasing the level of attractiveness and attendance of the object
Lighting design helps to compete the expressiveness of the architectural and design solutions of the multifunctional complexes. It helps to emphasize the important elements of architecture, draw attention to the necessary areas, create an attractive and recognizable image, and make your presence in the interior comfortable. Pleasant spaces is more attractive for visitors, and also encourage people to come back and invite other ones.

3. Recognition and the formation of a unique image
Lighting becomes the main character of the urban environment, attracting attention at night. Shades of color, dynamic light or a characteristic approach in lighting design create a unique image of an object or space. A person recognizes familiar images from great distances thanks to lighting. Light and lighting solutions work like beacon, transmitting certain signals to a person, communicating with him, carrying a visual message. Lighting solutions for business are the part of the branding. A conscious business strategy and the success of large corporations are based on it. Therefore, the work of a professional lighting designer also lies in the field of marketing tasks.

4. Confirmation of the high status of the object
Lighting design solution form an observer’s and tenants’ opinion about the status of the multifunctional complex from a long distance. Premium segment companies choose a location in the facilities that correspond to their high level. It is possible to attract the attention of a target audience of multifunctional complex users also with the help of architectural or interior lighting, because it helps to create the image of a high-status object.

5. Energy efficiency and cost saving
Energy efficient lighting solutions help to reduce energy consumption and save energy costs. Energy saving remains one of the important tasks of modern mankind, and every year the problem becomes more acute. One of the consumers of electricity is artificial lighting. Thanks to modern technology, lighting devices now use LED energy-efficient light sources. Dimmers and sensors, as well as control systems at the facility help to achieve a significant reduction of electricity consumption in public areas.

6. Green building certification
The issue of ecology and the “green” agenda are relevant for the developing technological environment. The construction of “green” buildings in Russia is no longer something new. Large construction companies and developers build class A and A+ facilities that use new technologies, materials and equipment that meet the new reality and environmental requirements. The goal of “green” building is to minimize the impact on the environment and reduce the consumption of resources both during construction and during operation. Best architectural and construction companies around the world, including Russian ones, practice conscious design.
Green building certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL have sections that consider lighting solutions. Therefore, to create modern high-level multifunctional complexes it is necessary to design lighting and automation systems that meet the requirements of the regulations.

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