10 February 2022

TRENDS: ERCO Greenology


Light is ERCO contribution to making society and architecture better and, at the same time, preserving our environment. Manufacturer understands light as the fourth dimension of architecture – and thus as an integral part of sustainable building.

ERCO Greenology as a term combines ecological responsibility with technological expertise and is a strategy for sustainable lighting. Innovation, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability are the four pillars of this strategy. The goal is the CO2 neutral production of lighting tools to make light as effective and therefore as sustainable as possible in application.

Kay Pawlik, Managing Director says: “Our luminaires are tools that allow lighting designers to use light specifically where it is needed – in other words, where human perception requires it. They become a part of the architecture and support its flexible and durable use, enable low-maintenance operation and help to ensure that buildings consume as little energy and resources as possible.”


Sustainability is part of manufacturer DNA
ERCO is a family business in its third generation. Thinking in the long term and sustainable behaviour are firmly anchored within corporate culture and are part of ERCO understanding of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance. Factory bears responsibility for the locations and employees. Through sustainable corporate management, factory makes the contribution to the conserving use of valuable resources.


Innovation – driven by Technology
ERCO continuously invests in the development of new technologies to improve the products and production processes – especially in terms of ecology. Every innovation must be measured against sustainability goals in order to reduce the energy and resource consumption of lighting systems and make light better within its application.


Efficiency – driven by Energy Reduction
Optoelectronics is ERCO core area of expertise. With perfectly matched components consisting of in-house developed lighting technology, electronics and thermal management, manufacturer guarantees the high efficiency (in lumens per watt) of the luminaires and thus reduce energy needs.


Effectiveness – driven by Quality Solutions
Light only where it is needed and seen. Precise, application-oriented and maximally effective (in lx/W) – this is what makes ERCO lighting tools an integral part of any Human Centric Lighting solution.


Sustainability – driven by Responsibility
Light is ERCO contribution to sustainable building. Developed for perception-oriented Human Centric Lighting, lighting solutions support the flexible use of architecture by people and enable low-maintenance operation during the entire service life.


Path to a CO2 neutral light factory
Processes that follow the principles of the circular economy, eco-design in product development and widely applied energy and environmental management measures – for ERCO objective of CO2 neutrality we evaluate and optimise their actions according to ecological and economic dictates. This is an effort that involves all areas of the company. Thanks to a vertical integration of 80%, ERCO is in a position to develop their production steps sustainably.


Link to the source: https://www.erco.com/en/service/erco-greenology-for-sustainable-lighting-7364/