Eltsin Center

Indoor and outdoor lighting of the new mixed-use complex in Yekaterinburg


Project details

MFC “Eltsin Centre” – is a complex humanitarian cultural learning location formed by a museum, a library, a convention centre, a bookshop, a children`s scientific park and university etc.
The construction of the building with a semi-transparent facade implies good illumination of the inner space. The rooms of MFC “Eltsin Centre” are full of air due to day-lighting in the building – so we had to maintain this perception of easiness with the help of light.

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Concert and Show Hall Agora
This space is used as a multiservice one and the lighting concept was designed considering two alternatives: basic lighting – ambient steady light for dancing or cocktails. TV shooting – ambient steady light with additional highlighting of the auditorium seats and the prize distribution area.

Lobby and Walkway
In the lobby and the walkways we aspired to achieve soft uniform illuminance with accent highlighting of certain areas, for example, the reception area. Thanks to the wide light distribution luminaires, we managed to achieve this effect even placing the illuminants far from each other.

We arranged the searchlights in several circles: the upper ones, placed close to the centre of the atrium, provide uniform illuminance of the floor, the lower ones are used to highlight the area next to retail space.

Lounge and Museum`s Shop
For this space we have chosen a lighting configuration with dominant vertical illumination of the surface. The lamps can be dimmed depending on the style used for the display decoration in order to achieve a bigger or a smaller object-background contrast.
The reception desk is highlighted by a LED striplight, which is installed in the decorative covering above the desk. Thanks to contrast light distribution, the reception desk always stands out against the general background and makes the navigation much easier.

Gallery of Liberty
Lighting helps this space work in 3 modes: operating mode - ambient steady light. expositional mode - ambient steady light accompanied by flood highlighting of the painting wall. auditorium - ambient steady light (dimming by 30%) accompanied by accent highlighting of the lecturer.

Temporary Gallery
This space, occupying two floors, is meant for temporary exhibitions which requires flexibility of the lighting configuration. Our main goal was to highlight the walls and to bring a light focus on the objects of the temporary gallery. The lighting is carried out on track searchlights which enables to easily move the lamps from one track to another.

Outdoor Lighting
To highlight the raised part of the square, we used LED lamps with asymmetric light distribution, programmed to work according to a certain predetermined mode of lighting. This mode considers the day-lighting conditions based on the location of the object, and the light characteristics get altered automatically.
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