01 November 2021

Lighting Ideology by QPRO


When it’s dark and in situations with no access to natural light people use artificial lighting. There is more and more light in cities – streetlights and squares with lighting, architectural lighting, light in interiors and public areas, park and walking areas, as well as advertising signs, media screens, festive illumination, headlights of vehicles, and even luminous screens of gadgets, which we can no longer imagine life without. The result of such an abundance of light at home and on the street is a deterioration in human health, his emotional state, light pollution in cities is becoming stronger, the situation in flora and fauna is changing, and discomfort arises.

Professional lighting designers can help to improve the current state of the lighting environment. Having extensive experience in the field of lighting design and lighting design, QPRO specialists formulated a unique “IDEOLOGY”, which implies a multilateral approach to work, takes into account the functional tasks and features of objects, pays attention to visual perception and human well-being, as well as the situation in the environment.

The idea to create an IDEOLOGY dedicated to lighting appeared in 2020, when, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world switched to remote work. Employees found themselves in conditions not prepared for productive and comfortable work. In the process of communicating through digital systems, specialists discussed not only work tasks, but also the conditions in which they were, talked a lot about the light environment and thought about what lighting means to them, from what points of view it can be analyzed, what is important and necessary for a person, what features they began to notice in connection with the changed conditions, accumulated personal opinions, experience and knowledge accumulated over the years of work, as well as feedback from others. So in the process of communication in the conditions of limited movement, an IDEOLOGY by QPRO was born and was called “Designing by the laws of nature.” It contains the main sections, paying attention to which you can create an ideal project in which a person feels as comfortable, safe and expedient whether it’s the interiors or exteriors.

At the basis of such a project, according to the developed IDEOLOGY, there is a principle of Human Centric Lighting – human-centered solutions. This principle allows you to create a comfortable and harmonious light environment, considering nature as a standard.
Light, as the most important factor of natural integrity of a person, is a key tool that affects well-being, activity and productivity.


The IDEOLOGY consists of the following points:

1 – Rational light
2 – Technology as a result of evolution
3 – Balanced light
4 – Shaping light
5 – Light as a language of communication
6 – Eco-friendly light


There is an understanding of why a particular solution is chosen at the heart of each project. Do not forget that first of all, artificial lighting performs a functional task, and also provides visual orientation and navigation.

As in nature, evolution takes place, so lighting does not stand still, and technologies are constantly evolving. With their help, you can create a comfortable environment for work and rest, ensure safety, and also take into account the energy efficiency.

Lighting is an integral part of any space and architecture. Sunlight is the standard for humans, an intuitive and natural part of nature. Its fickleness never ceases to amaze the minds of artists, scientists, and ordinary people, surprising with its shades, contrasts and dynamics.

Thanks to light, the human eye determines shapes, volumes, texture. So it becomes possible to enjoy the beautiful architecture, nature, to understand the nature of the surrounding space.

The influence and understanding of light on the example of natural conditions allows you to control the feelings and emotions of people, transmit information and give objects an identity.

Artificial lighting in unskillful hands can become a dangerous tool not only for the environment, but also for the person himself. Therefore, only with deeply understanding the nature of light, it is possible to create a new comfortable living environment that will express respect to nature, and also ensure the integrity of the ecosystem.